ARTEMA® is the one of the biggest flange guards and valve covers manufacturer in the world. For over thirty years the company dedicates itself and invest resources in creating and developing new flange guards models and technical properties improving of existing models to offer the best quality and the highest protective efficiency of its products to the national and international market.

Flange guards intallation
Flange guards intallation

ARTEMA® is constantly studying the innovative and high performance materials for flange guards and valve covers construction to satisfy the needs of the end user and guarantee the highest level of protection and safety in plants.

ARTEMA® continuously invests in technological innovation of its production lines, implementing them with new machinery that permit to speed up the production process and satisfy customer needs: large orders and faster delivery.

Laser marking for customizing safety flange guards

Welding machine for the flange guards production


ARTEMA®, due to its gained over the years great experience, is not limited to the supply of the product but it's also able to provide much wider services:

customer service
to find the best technical solution based on the plant operating conditions

dimensional surveys
by specialized staff

of the non-standard flange guards and valve covers non-standard system components

of the flange guards and valve covers by specialized staff